wedding Promises


Until death do us part.

When I thought of love and romance, I’ve always associated it with Disney and fairytales. Disney does a great job of making love seem lovely. The heroine is wrapped up in her feelings and emotions for the man, and the man seems to know exactly what she needs and always responds accordingly. Sure, they may run into conflict but it always works out in the end. No big deal, right?

But the truth is, even the loveliest of loves has its ugly moments. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean that that love is wrong. It’s inevitable. You’re putting two imperfect human beings together, so no relationship will be perfect.

People often have unrealistic expectations that surface only when they enter into relationships. We often have this idea that the other person will know exactly what we need and meet those needs flawlessly. But this is not the case. Your emotions towards each other will not always be positive and you will not magically understand what the other person needs. However, when we encounter imperfect moments in our relationships, that is our opportunity to display the promises we’ve made to one another.

Love is not based on emotions alone. It includes feelings, but is not limited to it. Oftentimes, feelings and emotions will come after we’ve acted first. To the naked eye, this may seem unromantic. But over time, this habit will lead to a deeper connection, one not just based on emotion but based on a commitment to be there for the other… even when you don’t want to. May our promises last a lifetime.

With love,