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Nice to meet you. We’re Toviah.

This team of fun-loving, passionate & unique creatives are at your service.


Lead Photographer | Cinematographer | Owner

Albert loves adventure and exploring new possibilities. With a heart to serve, he captures fleeting moments as if they were his own. Though his girlfriend often compares his personality to a golden retriever, he was traumatized as a child when a dog pooped in his hand.


Lead Cinematographer

Innovative, detail-oriented, and artistic, Dany believes that there is beauty even in the midst of chaos and seeks to preserve the magic that is found in imperfect perfections.


Lead Editor

Easy-going, flexible, and adventurous, Jake will breathe life into the most seemingly mundane moments and ensure that your story will be told the right way. He has a very rational fear of grasshoppers, especially ones that he thought were dead but are actually still alive.


Producer | Creative Director | Communications

Visionary, friendly, and personable, Grace believes that true success is measured in the quality of the relationships with those closest to us. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, but while she loves pineapples, she firmly believes that they do not belong on pizza.


Social Media

Creative, collected, and organized, Kaelea will help you relive the best moments of your special day. Ironically, her favorite movie is Elf, a film about a man who is not calm whatsoever.

to • vi • ah

Derived from the Hebrew word "Tuvya."

Translates to "God is Good.”

In 2009, Albert met a pastor named Larry Falcon who owned a local thrift shop named Toviah in Philadelphia.

As a testament to God’s goodness, Larry mobilized the funds to care for the needs of the inner city youth.

For over 30 years, this small and unassuming thrift shop served as the financial backbone of Larry’s ministry.

Inspired by Larry’s love and devoted passion for serving others, Albert established a photography business under this name.

Toviah honors Larry Falcon’s legacy of service.

est. 2014

Timeless | Optimistic | Venturesome | Intentional | Adaptable | Heard