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Nice to meet you. We’re Toviah.

This team of fun-loving, passionate & unique creatives are at your service.


Lead Photographer | Cinematographer

Albert loves adventure and exploring new possibilities. With a heart to serve, he captures fleeting moments as if they were his own.


Lead Cinematographer

Full of life, ideas, and creativity, Dany will ensure that your story will be told the right way.


Producer | Creative Director | Communications

Visionary, friendly, and personable, Grace will ensure that you are satisfied and that your voice is heard.

to • vi • ah

Derived from the Hebrew word "Tuvya."

Translates to "God is Good.”

In 2009, Albert met a pastor named Larry Falcon who owned a local thrift shop named Toviah in Philadelphia.

As a testament to God’s goodness, Larry mobilized the funds to care for the needs of the inner city youth.

For over 30 years, this small and unassuming thrift shop served as the financial backbone of Larry’s ministry.

Inspired by Larry’s love and devoted passion for serving others, Albert established a photography business under this name.

Toviah honors Larry Falcon’s legacy of service.

est. 2014

Timeless | Optimistic | Venturesome | Intentional | Adaptable | Heard