Straightforward Devotion


Sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

My love language is words of affirmation. I love verbal encouragement, and I love to be told, in words, of my value and what I’m doing well. I also love to encourage others with my words. I love telling my loved ones how much I love them, and I love making them feel loved.

I never really understood the value of actions and behavior. Since I’m such a words-driven person, I failed to see how a person’s conduct could convey so much emotion and love. Immigrant parents are often like that. They may not tell us how much they love us, but it is evident in the sacrifices they make for us, the meals they prepare for us, and the home they build for us.

Likewise, a man’s conduct and actions towards his bride speaks volumes of his character. Sure, he may or may not say much depending on his personality, but perhaps he may not need to.

There are different ways to love, and it is not necessarily correct to say that there is only one right way to love. One way is to speak words of affirmation, but another is through acts of service. The sacrifices you make tell of how much you value someone. I hope to continue to embrace different ways of loving others, so others will feel more loved.

With love,