Gentle and Kind


Gentle love has a quiet strength.

Most of society values aggression, ambition, and dominance. Success is often measured by wealth and social status. And in order to be successful, a certain amount of “stepping on others” is both expected and necessary. This type of leadership is, in a way, prized.

Kindness is often underrated in leadership. Gentleness is overlooked, as it’s not perceived as efficient or effective. But kindness is valuable and very much needed in relationships with others, especially even in leadership.

It is often kindness that creates a safe space for two hearts to become vulnerable and intimate with one another. It is kindness that listens with empathy and seeks to understand someone’s point of view. And it is often kindness that diffuses tension and works through conflict.

The kindness that Stephanie and Randy showed to one another and us was inspiring. Their love and affection towards each other were marked with a tender gentleness that was based on mutual respect. We look forward to seeing how their kind and gentle love will buoy them through whatever storms life will bring.

With love,