Sinking Deep


A love like the ocean.

I love going to the beach. I love grabbing a blanket, sitting on the sand, and watching the ocean waves. Some people are afraid of the ocean because they are afraid of the unknown. Considering the fact that we still don’t really know how deep the ocean is or what lies beneath its surface, I’d say this fear is pretty reasonable. That, in addition to any potential shark attacks are more than enough to keep most people at bay.

But I always associated the ocean with the concept of love. The ocean is vast, mysterious, somewhat dangerous and there are elements to it that are unpredictable. It is beautiful, calming, serene, yet sometimes terrifying.

Love is a lot like that too. In our relationships with other people, there is a great capacity to be intimate and connect on a deep level. But there is an even greater capacity to get hurt, violently tossed by waves of pain and conflict. Sometimes you can’t predict when, where, or how you will fall in love. And some people avoid love entirely because they don’t get want to get hurt by the waves.

But by missing out on the potential to get hurt, you rob yourself of experiencing the beauty and majesty that relationships offer. If you never see the ocean, you will never see the wonderful hues of pink, purple, yellow, orange, and blue dip below the ocean line. If you run away from people and relationships, you miss out on connections that can provide healing. Perhaps to some people, the potential of pain is not worth it. But it is for me, and I hope it will be that way for you too.

With love,