Tender Affection


Take me to your heart.

What I find most captivating about humans is our capacity for intimacy with one another. When we are at our healthiest, we are capable of such deep connections and such profound affections towards our loved ones.

There’s something so very tender about these affections, isn’t there? When a man and a woman in love are gazing into each other’s eyes, it is so intimate. It almost feels wrong and extremely invasive to take them out of that trance. It’s like everything else around them disappears and they are just lost in the other’s presence.

There’s a stillness and a quietness that makes these affections even more soft and tender. It’s sweet and it brings such peace to those witnessing it.

The love between Sarah and Nathan was like that. The gentleness and tender affection they displayed for each other was intimate and brought you such peace just looking at it. We wish them the best and we hope they continue to remain in that tenderness.

With love,