Simple and Clean


Love grows over time.

When we think of love, we look for big, grand gestures. We look for the most expensive ring, the shiniest diamond, the biggest venue, and the most delicious food. We look for the most fantastic and lavish date nights, and the most splendid gifts. And sometimes the little moments are brushed under the rug.

But I think it’s the little things that carry the most weight, especially when they are built one by one over time. The small moments, the details that are overlooked are the most valuable in the long run.

When my grandparents passed away, I looked back on the time I spent with them. I didn’t miss the big parties, I missed their cooking. When they made me a meal, when they gave me a hug, and when they asked if I had eaten, those were the things that I missed the most. Those weren’t necessarily “big” moments, but they were small, quiet, intimate details that showed how much they loved and cared for me.

It’s the little details that matter. To the naked eye, they may not seem like much, but in the future, when all is said and done, those small moments are the ones that will last forever. Let’s make each moment count.

With love,