Far From Home


So close, yet so far.

As a social worker, I have worked with many different types of foster youth. These children come from broken family situations and have witnessed domestic violence and/or experienced at least one type of abuse. Since the system itself is also broken, many of these foster youth may unfortunately find themselves going back and forth between homes. Even in the most severe cases, many foster youth may experience yet more abuse at the hands of their foster parents.

These foster youth are often plagued by a perpetual sense of belonging. They are longing to find a place where they feel as they belong. They are looking for people to connect with, people who are safe. They are looking for home.

Many of us may not have experienced the brokenness of the foster system, but we as humans long for the same things. We long to feel like we belong and we long to connect with those around us. And what a joy it is when we find our home and what a joy it is to find people who make us feel at home.

Peter and Iansung’s destination wedding was a dream in and of itself. However, what made it truly memorable was the people who surrounded the bride and groom with pure love and adoration. Home is where the heart is, and though Cabo San Lucas is far from Los Angeles, the love of family and friends carried the feeling of home safely over the waves. Congratulations to Ian and Peter, and one of the most fun weddings the team has ever experienced!

With love,