Clean and Bright


Beauty is holistic.

Men and women both are overwhelmed by a society that holds its inhabitants to unrealistic and unhealthy standards of beauty. Beautiful women are skinny but not too skinny, have curves in all the “right” places, and have sharp yet delicate facial features. Handsome men are tall, muscular but not too muscular, wealthy, stoic, tan, and chiseled.

These standards have created nothing but an insecure generation. Brides and grooms worry about what they will look like on their wedding day, when in reality everyone is absolutely stunning.

It is kindness, joy, and happiness that adds to someone’s beauty. Kindness is beautiful. Compassion is stunning. Mercy, forgiveness, and gentleness are attractive. All these factors combine to make an individual absolutely glow. Even the most unconventional of people are beautiful.

Beauty is skin deep, no matter what society tells you. Don’t make yourself sick trying to look a certain way, and embrace the qualities that make you truly beautiful. And if you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then change your mindset.

With love,