Life Is A Marathon

Niki & christian

Niki and Christian were actually our giveaway winners on Instagram.

For this particular photoshoot, we went for a more fun, mid-afternoon, cowboy-esque vibe. Niki and Christian were gracious and flexible enough to drive out to an unfamiliar location with us to take these photos. And even though the location was deserted and the buildings were abandoned, Niki and Christian’s energy made up for the stillness of the landscape.

I’m from Southern California so I’m familiar with hot weather. But the desert was an entirely different level. Not only was it hot, it was extremely quiet and devoid of other human life. Being alone in the desert would get incredibly lonely.

Life can often feel like you’re walking through a desert by yourself. Perhaps in your lifetime it may not be as hot (though if you live in Southern California you might beg to differ), but there will be times when you feel ostracized from the people around you. The most important thing to remember is, no matter how alone you feel, you are never actually alone.

Perhaps you are in a season of your life where you feel as if you are walking through a desert, searching for water and shade, or longing to connect with another person. Perhaps you feel abandoned and detached from others. Whatever desert you find yourself in, I hope you believe that there are people out there who love you. And most of all, I hope you draw strength from the people around you and make it joyfully to the finish line.

With love,