Cinematography | Wedding

Love Protects

Namrata and asaad

You are my shelter.

There is a saying that weddings are events held mainly for the family and friends. I’ve even heard that some people hold two separate weddings; one for the couple and one specifically for their family. There is also a saying that you marry into your spouse’s family. While I for one am not sure of how far those boundaries reach, one thing for certain is that you need to be surrounded by a community of people who love you.

For so long, our families have protected us and walked us through life’s storms. They’ve been our shoulders to cry on and they’ve counseled us through hard decisions. It’s a beautiful thing to see all the families gather to celebrate this new union.

Their input and their presence will continue to be priceless even as couples get married. To have a family around you is a true blessing, one that we can depend on when we face hardships and difficulties.

With love,