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Live, Love, Laugh

Martin and chelsea

What is the secret to a lasting relationship?

When I hear stories of couples who have been married for 40/+ years, I always wonder… how? Marriage is extremely difficult. Life is slammed with petty arguments, finances, kids, in-laws, household chores, unmet expectations, and forgotten dreams. Life is throwing unexpected curveballs at you left and right and somehow the marriage is supposed to survive all of that.

But what we often fail to realize is that happiness is a choice.

In marriage, sometimes it is difficult to find the silver linings. Happiness can be hard to find… but the more difficult it is to find something, the more valuable it is. Sometimes we have to laugh, have to look for the happiness to make it work. Happiness just won’t come to you.

When life gets hard and when marriage gets hard, look for happiness. Look for reasons to laugh, and laugh together. When life hits you, the happiness you’ve created will cushion your fall.

With love,