A Heart to Call Home

Marielle & blake

Home is where you are.

Life is hectic. It’s confusing, overwhelming, and there is very little that we can actually control. During such difficult times, it can be difficult for us to find a moment to just breathe. We’re always on the go and there are always things that need to be done.

I like to watch sunsets when I’m feeling burnt out. Watching the sun dip below the horizon brings me some peace and quiet. This peace and quiet gives me a sense of safety and security that reminds me of home. And sometimes in life, we are fortunate enough to meet people who remind us of home. It is a blessing to connect with hearts that give us a sense of security and safety - like the feeling of watching the sunset, like the feeling of coming home.

It’s evident that Marielle and Blake had such a love for each other. It was clear in their vows and even in the way they looked at the other. Theirs was a love that was not taken for granted, that called each other their safe space. Congratulations to Marielle and Blake!

With love,