Unspeakable Joy


Oftentimes, it is our silence that speaks louder than noise.

There is a true and unmatched joy that comes when two people are totally comfortable and secure with each other. When we come to celebrate a wedding, we are celebrating the union of a man and a woman. What we see is a bond and a relationship that has deepened and developed over time.

When we first meet someone, there are often awkward pauses and a lot of overthinking. We try to fill the silence with small talk and questions that are designed to keep the conversation flowing. Sometime later, however, the pauses seem progressively less awkward and the silence somehow becomes… comfortable.

There isn’t always a need to keep the conversation flowing because both parties become more secure in each other’s love. It may be hard for some to get to this point and unfortunately it is not something you can force. But when it happens, the silence becomes sweet, and sometimes, it can display the love between a man and a woman more deeply than loud laughter and smiles.

Such was the case with Lauren and Dillon. The silent understanding between the two of them was something we at Toviah focused on capturing. It was a beautiful thing to witness, like the calm in the middle of a storm, and like an anchor steadying a ship through rough waters. It was an honor to experience the culmination of their love with all their friends and family. We offer our sincerest congratulations to Lauren and Dillon and the sweetness of silence they have built over time.

With love,