Love was right next to us.

Kelly and David’s story might just be one of our favorites. The two knew other as children and grew up just being friends. They spent all their time together, laughed with each other, and confided in each other through life’s difficulties. They celebrated each others’ victories and lent a shoulder for the other to cry on. They were even there to witness the other’s awkward puberty stage.

Fast forward several years, and their friendship blossomed into a beautiful love between a man and a woman. For all the time they spent together, Kelly and David have built so many beautiful memories together already. Their bond runs deep, and there is something so sweet about seeing a relationship that has been cultivated from childhood.

The time we spend with our loved ones is absolutely priceless. Those little and big moments that Kelly and David spent together have compounded to build a relationship that’s grounded in a strong friendship and mutual respect. In the moment, it may not seem very significant, but what we do right now will echo for eternity.

Congratulations to Kelly and David. Your story was sweet and touched all of our hearts here at Toviah. May God continue to walk with you for all the days of your lives.

With love,