A Father’s Love


A love thats everlasting.

Losing your loved ones is difficult no matter how old you are. We grow up surrounded by loving parents who sacrifice so much to provide for all our needs. Their love is often what sustains us in our earliest years. They abandon their dreams, and often their lives so that we can live ours.

As we grow and mature, we begin to realize and understand the depth of their sacrifices for us. We recognize the magnitude of everything they’ve done for us and our hearts are rightfully moved towards gratitude.

That’s why it hurts so much when they leave us. We miss their guidance, their advice, their presence, the shared laughter, and their love. When we lose loved ones, it’s like there’s a giant, gaping hole in your heart that seems like it’ll never heal.

Perhaps we will never stop being sad, but perhaps that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe it’s something we will learn to carry with us, and maybe it’s something to remind us of all the love we had for each other.

With love,