It’s always springtime with you.

I love picnics. It’s always so nice to go out when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. There’s something just so relaxing about laying on a picnic blanket, eating delicious foods (my personal favorite is sandwiches or maybe some rice balls), bathing in the warm sunlight, and spending time with my closest friends and family.

Spring is often associated with new beginnings. Spring often comes after a season of cold darkness and barrenness. It’s a time to renew yourself and welcome in some warmth into your life. And just as seasons change from summer to winter, to winter and spring, so we have seasons in our lives as well.

Sometimes we have seasons in life where we endure great hardships and great suffering. When we are in such a season, we look forward to the days where such suffering won’t exist. And sometimes love can sneak up on us in the middle of a winter storm and usher in a most welcome spring.

May the love we experience be like a warm spring after a cold winter. May it warm us with its brightness and usher in feelings of hope and rejuvenation. After all, winter is not forever.

With love,