The Power of Vulnerability


Only the strongest can be vulnerable.

Strength can come in a variety of forms. It can look like a 6 foot 3, 200 pound muscle man lifting dumbbells at the gym. Or it can look like a 5 foot 3, 120 pound woman, enduring the pain of labor to bring her baby into the world. No matter what the situation looks like, strength requires you to subject yourself to some sort of vulnerability.

In order to lift heavy dumbbells, you must make your muscles vulnerable to the pain of resisting weights. In order to bring a child into the world, a mother must make her body vulnerable to the pain of giving birth. And in relationships, a man and a woman must open their hearts to one another and be vulnerable to experiencing emotional pain. Without such vulnerability, it is very difficult for a healthy and intimate connection to form.

Humans are not naturally inclined to be vulnerable with one another. There is a tendency to want to withdraw, isolate, or lash out and push others away. But when both parties are able to be truly vulnerable with themselves and with one another, the connection that forms is beautiful.

It was wonderful to see snippets of this type of bond between Felix and Hannah. Such strength and vulnerability naturally lends itself to noble and dignified hearts, and both Felix and Hannah demonstrated tender grace to those around them. We wish them nothing but the best and sincerely hope that they continue to grow in strength and vulnerability with each other.

With love,