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Real beauty comes from within.

I never really liked any of the old Disney classics (except for Lion King since it’s the best Disney movie ever created). I always liked Mulan and Moana because I gravitated towards the strong, more fierce, “warrior-esque” women. I saw value in the lessons these movies taught: going against the grain, embracing your calling/destiny, and standing up for what you believe in.

I rewatched Snow White recently, and perhaps it’s because I’m viewing it as a young adult, but I realized that the movie has great lessons we can appreciate.

You can appeal to the goodness in people. Snow White was able to the see the beauty in the huntsman’s heart and spoke to it. The mirror also recognized that while the Evil Queen was beautiful physically, inwardly she was evil and rotten to the core. The mirror could see through physical appearances and saw the beauty in Snow White’s heart.

Someone’s goodness and their purity of heart is what makes them truly beautiful. It is their kindness and compassion that sets them apart. Everyone has insecurities, of course. If you don’t, you are probably lying to yourself. What matters most is how you handle these insecurities, and out of that, the goodness of your heart will truly overflow.

With love,