Lights will guide you home.

When you walk into a dark room, you instinctively search for the light switch. It’s pitch-black, you can’t see anything, and you feel a sense of unease and danger. But as soon you as find the switch, what happens? The darkness immediately disappears and light floods the room.

When all hope is lost, is it easy to feel like there is no way out. It’s easy to believe the darkness will overwhelm us and that we will succumb to it. But when we are at the worst point of our lives, that is when love will shine the brightest. It comes to us powerfully, draws us near, envelops us with its nurturing arms, and casts out all fear.

Love is like the light. In our darkest moments, when we feel like we can’t move forward, when we are afraid, anxious, and when we feel unsafe, we need light to make our paths clear.

No matter how dark the darkness is, it can not and will not overcome the light. If you are at your darkest moment right now, remember that there is always hope. And love will be there to guide your steps.

With love,