Blossoming Love

danielle & blake

The flowers were absolutely stunning at Danielle and Blake’s wedding.

While the weather in some other places wouldn’t allow for flowers to display their beauty, California’s sun was the perfect stage for them to shine. However, I will say, the only thing that outshone these flowers was the breathtaking couple. Throughout the day, it was so awesome to see both Danielle and Blake and all their loved ones radiate such tangible energy, enthusiasm, and genuine love for each other.

We often think of change as a bad thing. People are so afraid of the unknown and people don’t want to be uncomfortable. But it is precisely through walking into the unknown and being uncomfortable that we are able to grow and find the truest version of ourselves. It is also when we find the truest version of ourselves that we are able to form incredibly deep and intimate connections with those around us.

A seed must break open from its casing in order to begin the process of becoming a flower. It must become vulnerable in order to grow into what it was meant to be. This process can be slow. But just as seeds must break open, so humans must open their hearts to one another for love to truly flow. It takes time, sacrifice, and commitment for the relationship between a man and a woman to truly prosper.

It was heartwarming to see how deeply in love Danielle and Blake were with each other. But what I look forward to the most is seeing how their love will continue to blossom for each other, like a flower waiting to fully open its petals.

With love,