The Path Forward


A love grounded like the earth.

The natural rock formations at this particular location were absolutely breathtaking. It was amazing to look upon this view of the canyons and it inspired us to capture some particularly beautiful photos. These awesome canyons are naturally formed by weathering and erosion. Over time, the process naturally yields these beautiful dips and crevices over countless beds of rock.

Over time, many things in our lives change. Our perspectives, our family dynamics, our friendships, and even our careers tend to change frequently. Life has its ups and downs, and oftentimes we find ourselves adjusting to match to its tempo. But sometimes it can be difficult and mentally exhausting to try to keep up with all of life’s unpredictable variables.

One thing that shouldn’t change, however, is our commitment to the relationships with those closest to us. Our commitment to each other should be so firm and so grounded, that erosion and weathering has little to no effect on us. It takes work to maintain these relationships, but it is well worth it.

Whatever valleys we find ourselves in, let us cling on to what matters most. At the end of the day, what is most important to you? When the valleys threaten to overwhelm you and block your sight, hold fast onto the important people in your life.

With love,