Another Name for Love


It hurts because it mattered.

Weddings are a time to celebrate the union of a man and a woman who are deeply in love, ready to commit to each other to the fullest degree. Family and friends will join in this celebration, looking on with happiness, joy, gratitude, and excitement for what the future has in store for the blushing couple.

But sometimes, not all of our loved ones can be there to celebrate this special day with us. Sometimes, our loved ones leave before this day comes. As such, wedding days can often carry hints of sadness, regret, and loss. While there is laughter upon looking at the smiling faces of those in the audience, there are also silent tears that fall upon the photos of loved ones long gone.

For all its worth, perhaps there is beauty in those tears as well. The grief we feel when our loved ones leave tells us that there was an abundance of love there. If we never grieve, then we never loved. So, perhaps… grief is another name for love.

As we grieve, let us remember the love that was shared with those who left us. As we remember the love that abides in our hearts, let us celebrate the present and carry our loved ones with us into a bright, shining future.

With love,