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Free People

Andrew and susan

A love that helps you be yourself.

We are required to be so many things. Corporate work culture demands that we work against the betterment of our mental health. We are forced to mask our sadness and emotions just so we can “keep going.” Work becomes our life, and the attention we give to our family, friends, and even our own selves withers away.

It is refreshing to find someone who values you for you. To be with someone who gives you that space just to be yourself makes you feel as if there is a load off your shoulders. It makes you feel like you can breathe and gives you the confidence to interact with the world in order to make your dreams come true.

Love like this heals. It restores. And there is joy in it. You feel understood, accepted, valued, and validated, just for who you are. There is no shame in a love like this. Congratulations to Andrew and Susan, and the space that they have created for each other.

With love,