Sunflowers and Sacrifices


I am a better person because of you.

Relationships are hard and they take a lot of work. A lot of sacrifice goes into marriage. After all, it’s easy to get into a relationship but it’s difficult to make that relationship last.

One thing that helps is loyalty. Loyalty not just to one another but also to the promises and commitments you’ve made towards one another. True love puts the other person’s needs before yours. If you love someone the only way you want to, then you don’t know real love.

Real love and real relationships require sacrifice. To love someone the way they need to be loved requires you to give something up - your time, your words, your energy, and your resources. True love, real love is not easy. It is difficult and at times, it may be time-consuming.

But just as sunflowers symbolize loyalty in the realm of flowers, so let us be committed and loyal to each other in our marriages. In sacrificing our needs for our loved ones, may be find ourselves fulfilled and blessed.

With love,