Dreams Come True

Madeline & daniel

Mamma Mia… we’re married!

For this particular wedding, we had the wonderful opportunity to travel to one of the most romantic countries in the world, Italy. The venue overlooked the beautiful vineyards of the Tuscan countryside and the architecture made for a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Life gets quite busy, doesn’t it? Trying to make ends meet and keeping up with all the hustle and bustle of your daily to-do-list can really drain you. Life has become easier in some ways. Jobs and careers are becoming less physical and demand less manual labor. But while our bodies may be less tired, our souls seem to bear the brunt of our emotional fatigue.

Human beings tend to overcomplicate things. Flashy things, expensive restaurants, an expansive career, and nice cars are great and all, but in the business of life it is so easy to forget that it is often the simple moments that are most fulfilling. Whether it is talking about how your day went with your families and friends, eating a home-meal at the table surrounded by laughter, or just enjoying the company of your loved ones in silence, the true joy and love of life comes in the small, seemingly overlooked moments.

There is beauty in simplicity. There is a real, genuine warmth that comes from having lived a life surrounded by people you love. There is a happiness that is readily available to you when you learn to be grateful for the smallest moments. And only when you are able to recognize this beauty, is when you can finally say that your dreams have come true.

Congratulations to Madeline and Daniel, and for the warmth that they have built through their relationship. We wish them many more small, joyous moments to come in the future.

With love,